What to Expect

You are invited for a FREE, no obligation consultation where we will discuss your desired look. Before I can apply your first set of Bootylashcious eyelash extensions I will need to see you at least 24 hours before your appointment to undergo a glue patch test. This requires just a small amount of glue to be applied to the base of the lash at the very last eyelash on each eye. You will hardly see it once applied. This is to ensure that in the very rare instance you do not experience any allergic reactions to the glue that I use. Even if you have had eyelash extensions before I may be using a different glue to your previous eyelash technician and so this is a compulsory requirement.

Before Your Appointment

Make sure you remove all traces of eye make up with an oil free remover. If you wear contact lenses, you should remove them and bring your glasses, as contact lenses can not be reinserted until 24 hours after treatment.

If I am coming to your home I will require a bright area preferably by a window to assemble my portable beauty couch for you to lay on (couch measure 186cm long by 62cm wide).


After we have discussed your look I will ask you to lay down and I will apply a soothing lint free gel eye patch that will hold down your lower lashes and make your upper eyelashes more visible. Each client has between 90-160 individual lashes per eye, with differing requirements. There are 5 different curvatures, 8 different weights and 14 different lengths to accommodate all. Lashes used are black or brown giving that mascara look. The process itself is completely painless. Using specialised tweezers I will separate each individual lash and apply one single extension at a time to each lash never touching the skin. Application for a full set usually takes approximately 2 hours. It is a very relaxing treatment when you are lying down and it is not unusual to fall asleep and then wake up with Bootylashcious lashes! Or we can have a good old gossip!

Once all the lashes have been applied I will ask you to keep your eyes closed for a few minutes to allow the fumes from the glue to disperse. I will ask you to check if you are happy with the look and we can always make some tweaks if need be.

Post Treatment and Aftercare

You will need to avoid getting your eyes wet for at least 5 hours to make sure the glue sets and avoid saunas and steamrooms for at least 24 hours. I will give you a small eyelash brush to keep so you can groom your lashes into place each morning or whenever you like.

As long as you follow the correct aftercare, your natural lashes will not be damaged. Like your fingernails and the hair on your head, your individual eyelashes grow out on a continuous cycle of replenishment. A full set of lashes will last up to 6/8 weeks dependant upon the individual and aftercare taken. In order to keep your lash extensions full and looking great, simple maintenance with “infill” appointments are required typically every 2-3 weeks. Existing lash extensions will be cleaned and tidied, loose lashes will be removed and new lashes are applied.

If you wish to remove your extension completely, I can do this for you with special glue removal. However, you must not attempt to remove them yourself as this will cause damage to your natural lashes and stop them from growing back quickly.

Try to avoid rubbing or picking or pulling on the lashes. They are attached to your natural lash to you need to treat them gently to avoid damaging your lashes.

You need to avoid using any products containing oil on or around the eye as this can damage the bond of the extension causing them to fall out prematurely. Oil based cleansers and moisturisers are find to use on the rest of the face as long as you are very careful not to apply too close to the lash line. Do not use normal mascara on the extensions as they often contain oil or it can be hard to remove without damaging the bond of the lash. You can wear all other make up as normal.

Use oil free eye make up remover and do not use cotton wool or face wipes as the small fibres can catch and pull on the extensions. Instead I recommend using a large eye shadow brush, pouring some remover onto the bristles and then sweeping the brush down through the lashes. This helps get close to the roots and won’t catch the extensions.

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