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If you are looking for a professional bookkeeping service for your business look no further, we have what you need. We are Universal Bookkeeping and we have an extensive history of making sure that clients get exactly what they need at a price that your wallet is going to love.

We offer a huge range of services. It does not matter if you are looking for someone to do your accounting work, or if you need date entry done we have you covered. We know that in order for your business to run at the best capacity you need to have control over your bookkeeping, and we are that solution.

We have a true passion for what we do. You will only find highly skilled professionals who know the quickest and easiest way to get your business in order. You will also notice that we strive to use the most up to date methods so you are never stuck in the past with your accounting work.

Our services are great, even if you love doing your bookkeeping. We are here to give you more time to focus on running your business, we take care of all that extra paperwork that would slow you down. At the end of the day it does not matter if you have a big or small business, or even if you are just an individual looking for some extra help with your finances, let us show you why accounting is our passion.


Accounting Services

Get your business finances in order fast and easy.

Online Bookkeeping Services

Accuracy and speed is our specialty when it comes to your financial records.

Data Entry Experts

We deal with the most challenging aspects of a business, including your data entry.

QuickBooks Support

Are you looking for financial accounting experts? Quickbooks is our second language!

Xero Accounting Services

Find your information with ease. We use Xero so all of your information is at your fingertips on the cloud

How Universal Gets Your Bookkeeping Done

With Universal, you get a professional bookkeeping team to do your books for you.
It’s everything you need to forget about your bookkeeping, and start focusing
on core issues of your business.

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Data Sharing

Provide us your statements and other documents like receipt and bills.


We will update and reconcile the books using the accounting software of your choice.

Its Done.

Your financial statements are ready for tax filing and making strategic decisions for the future.


Our experience with multiple industries has given us the ability to be diverse and precise in the bookkeeping that we do. Regardless of the industry that you want us to work on, you can expect accuracy, detail and proper comprehension. The level of precision that we strive to achieve only comes after many years of experience, and knowledge. This is why we believe our services are far superior to anything else you’d find.

Legal and Consulting

Ensuring that your law firm is performing well is a task that requires an immense amount of work and concentration. The list of duties that you must fulfill is enormous, including the development of relationships with your clients, the administration of your office, staff management and much more. Having to assemble and keep a track of your financial records on top of all of this seems nearly impossible, and thus many law firms prefer online bookkeeping services instead.

Design & Development

Bookkeeping for website design and development is a task that requires strategic planning and attention to detail. It involves multiple factors that need to monitored closely to truly advance your business further. This is why bookkeeping for the design and development industry is much better in the hands of professionals; and also why you need Universal Bookkeeping.

Internet Marketing

The internet is quickly becoming the primary method of marketing for many businesses all around the world. With the many intricacies of the internet, and how communication is done in the virtual world, it is quite easy to become confused and be unable to properly track the many details of your business. In such a scenario online bookkeeping services are essential.

Restaurants & Retail Stores

Much like handling a beauty salon, a restaurant also involves heavy administration. The majority of your time will be spent on ensuring that your staff is well organized and capable of providing excellent dishes, and finding ways to ensure your customers constantly want to eat at your restaurant or visit your retail store. With these tasks keeping you busy, finding time to bookkeep is quite difficult. Thus online bookkeeping services are recommended.

Service Industries

Bookkeeping for the services industry requires attention to various factors such as the cost of the different methods and that of each individual job. That said in order to efficiently handle it, is something that is beyond the level of anyone but a professional. Online bookkeeping services like Universal Bookkeeping offer the most experienced elites in bookkeeping.


Keeping a track of all of the financial transactions, and various other records of your e-commerce business is not only a massively difficult undertaking but if done with negligence can result in losses and unprecedented issues. That said, putting all of your focus on leading your e-commerce business to success while leaving the bookkeeping on online bookkeeping services is the smart step to take.


Bookkeeping for manufacturing businesses revolves around knowing variables such as the value of your inventory among other things. While smaller businesses choose to track records by themselves, the power of accurate bookkeeping cannot be understated and is something that only comes when it is done by professionals. This is why regardless of the size of your business or whether it is old or new; your aim should be to go for online bookkeeping services.

Real Estate

Much like many other industries, real estate is heavily dependent on excellent bookkeeping; meaning online bookkeeping services like that of Universal Bookkeeping are imperative. Even despite you successfully landing deals and creating a good cash flow, lack of proper bookkeeping services can have it all be for naught.

Beauty Salons

Handling a beauty salon may not seem as gargantuan a task from the exterior, but handling clientele, being up-to-date with various new trends and styles, while also managing the staff and ensuring they’re all well-trained and that your salon is receiving enough traction requires time and effort. Often beauty salons hire professional bookkeeping services due to this reason.


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